Where is High Mountain Pines?
High Mountain Pines is small family choose & cut tree farm located between Rural Retreat VA & Speedwell VA. On Ward Branch Road.

What size trees are available this year?     Due to a lack of suitable sized trees, High Mountain Pines Christmas Tree Farm will NOT be open for choose and cut customers this year (2021).  We have additional trees planted and hope to see you next year (2022).                                                                   

Can I walk to the trees?
Yes trees are only accessible by walking, however it should be noted that the trees are on a steep hill with uneven terrain. Good sturdy shoes and gloves are recommended.

What should I bring?
High Mountain Pines is a choose & cut tree farm. Bring a saw and suitable vehicle, trailer etc. to transport your tree home. Remember to bring strong tie-down straps. Wear sturdy shoes, coat, hat and gloves. Tree elevation is 2700 feet. Weather can be cold and wet. You are responsible for tie down and transport of your tree.

Can trees be netted / bailed?
Yes and no. Smaller trees can be netted/bailed if needed. Large trees are available but we cannot net/bail them. Large trees also take extra time to access, cut down and remove them.

Is parking available?
Yes 4- wheel drive vehicles are needed if not muddy. Roadside parking available with short walk.

Is there farm staff to help?
High Mountain Pines tree farm is a small family farm. Staff can help you but we are limited, so please plan accordingly.

Do you spray your trees?
No, High Mountain Pines trees are pesticide free

How do I lift and move the tree that has been cut?
Lifting your chosen tree can be done several ways. You can pick up at the base of the tree then drag and pull out of the field. If lifting the tree on both ends, care must be taken at the top as you can break the tops off the tree (especially with the large trees). The best way to move your tree is with one person on base end and one person in middle of main trunk.